Donkey Child Projects



... with Lézard Dramatique (LZD)


Ster City - France, South Africa, Lesotho... (2010 -)

Two clowns try to describe the history of South Africa in one hour using music, movement and a variety of media.

Africa Tour: 15 countries October to December 2014 ( details to come )

Images/video © Sean Hart


Sans Doute - France (2012 -)

Twelve eccentric musicians/performers/dancers from Brazil, Mozambique, Japan, DRC, South Africa and France present a (sort of) concert with poetry, text and music. Includes writing by Mia Couto, Sony Labou Tansi, Baudelaire, Dieudonne Niangouna and Nicholas Pule Welch.

Upcoming tour dates:

22 & 23 May 2014 @ Grenoble
27 May 2014 @ Theatre de Saint Quentin en Yvelines
29 May 2014 @ Vandoeuvre


A Very Strong Present - Johannesburg (2012-)

A series of collaborative workshops and improvisations with the children and young adults who participate in the Hillbrow Theatre Project.



...with Hillbrow Theatre Project

poster The Donkey Child at the Hillbrow Theatre - Johannesburg (2014)

Epic theatrical collaboration involving 40 cast and crew members between the ages of 7 and 36. Over nine weeks the collective devised and staged the story, The Donkey Child.

A partnership between Hillbrow Theatre Project and Donkey Child Projects in collaboration with six multidisciplinary artists.



Tower - Hillbrow, JHB (2014)

5 day public art project with five 9-12 year old cast members from The Donkey Child and five Johannesburg based visual and sound artists. Investigating the current status and possible evolution of the Hillbrow Tower through craft, street and home interviews & field recordings, camera obscura and site visits.

Coordinated by Lindiwe Matshikiza & Lesley Perkes.




...with Motèl Mari  





Eternal Peasant album launch - Johannesburg 2012 (Image © Brett Rubin)

Elope / The Sisterhood of Displaced Brides / Bride or Die - SA/Europe Tour 2013/2014 (Image © Liam Lynch)